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    Special Rules: Magic


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    Special Rules: Magic

    Post by GameMaster on Tue May 01, 2018 4:57 am

    With the exception of the changes made to skills, magic is largely unchanged. There are however a couple of things unique to this game.

    Astral Projection
    In the world of Gilon, astral projectors are incapable of entering or crossing any large bodies of water. It is unknown why this is, but water essentially functions as an astral barrier to those on the astral plane. There is a notable exception to water spirits, who are instead unable to leave the bodies of water they are summoned from, except through the astral plane.

    This ability may be taken as a metamagic feat by those who initiate. This allows one to transport their physical body to the current location of their astral form. This requires the astral form to be in an area that the body can fit (otherwise the magician dies in the attempt). It is otherwise treated the same as returning to one's body. The magician is unable to bring anyone else with them, nor can they transport any nonmagical equipment, all of which is left behind where the magician's body was. If the magician happens to have any cyberware, they must make a pure magic check vs the number of essence points lost to cyberware. Any fractions of essence count as 1 for the purposes of this check. If the check fails, the magician leaves all of their cyberwear behind, suffering 2 DV physical damage for every point of essence lost. Bioware is unaffected by teleportation.
    Magicians who do not wish to arrive at their destination naked either make use of illusion spells, or purchase special clothing/armor that can be imbued with magic. Such clothing costs 10x the cost of standard clothing/armor and requires the magician to spend 1 karma to attune it to themselves.

    This mineral is so called because it is literally a black rock. It has the ability to absorb magical energy and is often used to restrain magic users. Magic users who are in contact with blackrock feel immediately ill, similar to being in a toxic environment. Any magic they attempt to use is then absorbed by the blackrock. If too much magic is absorbed at once, the blackrock explodes, which is often lethal to the person wearing it. If ground down and injected into the body, it can possibly remove magical potential in the subject (lowering their magic score). Those without any magical abilities suffer no ill effect from exposure to the stone.

    Mentor Spirits
    The mentor spirits listed in the book do not exist culturally in the area this campaign takes place in. Each culture has its own, but those in the Desu Island Chain who have a mentor spirit are most likely to follow Shinto spirits. For a list of these mentor spirits, look at the Mentor Spirit post in world info.

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