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    The World of Gilon and Its Languages


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    The World of Gilon and Its Languages

    Post by GameMaster on Thu May 03, 2018 4:31 pm

    The world of Gilon is flat and round, shaped vaguely like a giant CD floating in space. Due to it's different shape compared to spherical planets, directions are a little different. North refers to the direction moving away from the central hole while south refers to the direction moving towards the central hole. East and west are therefore described as moving clockwise and counterclockwise around the planet respectively. While all accounts of science would most certainly say that such a planet could not actually exist, Gilon defiantly does.

    There are many languages spoken throughout the world by the various sentient creatures that inhabit it. Below is a list of the most common. It is not an exhaustive list as there are many small regional languages spoken by only a small number of people. These languages are so localized that many average people don't even know they exist.

    Regional languages:
    These languages are used throughout certain regions. See the map below for an idea of where these regions are.
    Enlightened Common - Spoken in Amsha and some parts of the Arawaki islands (closest real world equivalent would be Arabian)
    Western Common - Spoken in Dunador and Tramalaine, most of the land east of there and a lot of the Arawaki islands (closest real world equivalent is Italian/Spanish/Portuguese)
    Frost Common - Spoken in the frozen north (closest real world equivalent is Inuit)
    Dagmarian Common - Spoken in Dagmar (closest real world equivalent is Norwegian)
    Eastern Common - Spoken mainly in Oceloxichitl but also occasionally in the Arawaki islands and parts of Ahanu (closest real world equivalent is Nahuatl)
    Desian Common - Spoken in the Desu Island Chain (Closest real world equivalent is somewhere between Japanese and Cantonese)
    Victorian Common - Spoken in Victoria (the ??? place) (closest real world equivalent is English)
    Loric Common - Spoken in Ghan and Jabulani (closest real world equivalent is Swahili)
    Undercommon - Spoken by races that live in the Underworld (no real world equivalent)

    Racial Languages
    These languages are used by certain sapient races. They are less prevalent than regional languages.

    Aurae - spoken by Auraes
    Dragon - spoken by dragons
    Fey - spoken among fey creatures
    Gibberish - goblinoids
    Jotun - spoken by giants/trolls
    Enochian - spoken by demons and angels
    Orc - spoken by orcs
    Elvish - spoken by elves
    Dwarvish - spoken by dwarves
    Selachi - spoken by the selachi (sharkmen)
    Tethudian - spoken by tethudia (squidmen)Teuthida are incapable of vocalizing sounds, though they can hear and understand them. Instead, they speak by flashing their skin in a range of colors and arranging their tentacles in complex gestures, all of which is impossible for other races to duplicate, though a handful of experts on teuthida culture as well as diplomats from aquatic races have figured out how to understand it. When interactions do happen, it is invariably with one race speaking Aquaian while the teuthida “speaks” Teuthidan.
    Lemurian - spoken by lizard folk

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