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    General Rules (READ BEFORE YOU START)


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    General Rules (READ BEFORE YOU START)

    Post by GameMaster on Tue May 01, 2018 12:59 pm

    While we generally use the rules from Shadowrun 5e, there are some rules that have been made, partially for ease in a play by post setting, partially to make certain things easier, and partially because the universe of Gilon is different than the standard universe of Shadowrun.

    First and foremost, players are expected to generally be cordial to one another. Disagreements are bound to happen, and that is fine, but if players begin to get overly hostile or disruptive, they will be warned and if the behavior continues, they will be banned. This applies both in character and out of character. Your characters are supposed to be a team, so creating a character who is purposefully antagonistic to the other characters is unacceptable. There are enough dangers in the shadows without worrying about being backstabbed by your teammates.

    Sexual Conduct
    Your characters are adults and as such may have sexual relationships like other normal adults. Perhaps they may even seduce a target on one of their jobs or they just want to blow off some steam with a prostitute between jobs. Whatever. You do you. However, such scenes will be "off screen", meaning that there is no need for an explicit and detailed role playing of a sexual encounter. It makes the other players uncomfortable and there are other places for graphic sexual role play. For such scenes, the GM will simply skip ahead to after the deed is done.
    While rape is certainly a reality in the world, your characters are expected to be heroic, or at least a lighter shade of gray. Thus, any scenes involving rape are prohibited. Your characters shouldn't engage in such activity.

    Players are generally expected to post once every couple of days, though they are of course allowed to post more often or less so when appropriate. Often certain actions cannot be resolved until a particular player responds, so if they are delayed for a long period of time, it can hold up the game for everyone else. If circumstances make it impossible for you to respond in a timely manner, please let us know in the OOC section so we can work around you. Your character may be botted by the GM to keep things moving. No one wants to have to bot PCs. Still, if it is necessary, the GM will try to do any actions that would make sense for the character, but will not use up any expendable resources without the player's permission. For example, if the mage is needed to assense that might be botted if the player is unavailable, but if the mage is asked to use up favors with a spirit, that is not going to happen without the player's consent.

    Sooner or later, every shadowrunner will enter combat. While outside of combat, posting is generally freeform, inside of combat it is a bit more regulated. At the start of combat, the GM will announce that combat has begun. Each player is then expected to post their initiative rolls, as well as what actions they plan on taking during each initiative pass. That means you will be announcing all of your actions for the round at the beginning of it (including any dice rolls you need to make) and the GM will resolve them as best appropriate. Defensive rolls are generally rolled by the GM to move things along. This obviously requires a little forethought on the part of the players as they will not necessarily know what changes to the battlefield have happened between the time they post and the time their character actually gets to act (particularly for characters who may have multiple passes worth of actions). For example, an intended target may already be dead or perhaps a more immediate threat has presented itself. The GM will resolve these situations as best appropriate given what the player has posted.
    The GM's resolution will happen after all the players have made their posts, or roughly 48 hours after the GM's last post, whichever comes first. If any player hasn't posted before then, they will be botted by the GM for that round.

    Dice Rolling
    The forum has a built in dice roller. Note that editing a post will cause the forum to reroll your dice. Thus once you have made any post that involves a die roll, do not edit it or your attempt will be automatically considered to be a failure. Should you make an error or need to change your post, simply make a second post, noting the change.


    Simply type: [roll="name of die"]# of times you want to roll[/roll]
    (ignore the "==,,,,,,,", that shouldn't be there)
    That will output:

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