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    KingFisher at Kokoro Temple later that evening


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    KingFisher at Kokoro Temple later that evening Empty KingFisher at Kokoro Temple later that evening

    Post by KingFisher on Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:39 am

    KingFisher stands at the Temple door dressed in her formal business suit, her satchel swinging by her side.
    Her make up is running off her face, sweat drips from her nose and chin.
    She's panting hard from the effort of running there from the noodle bar.
    For a supposedly respectable woman she looks like a complete mess.

    Though the temple is not open to the public KingFisher is staff and granted admission.

    The Sisters on duty take one look at their Shadowrunning Sister and run to get the Meko.
    The Meko isn't very pleased to be disturbed this late at night but taking one look at her visitor persuades her this isn't some lonely lady looking for a charm.

    Pulling herself together KingFisher gives a deep respectful bow to the Meko, following proper custom to someone in such a position.
    "Meko-Sama I need your help. I ask with great respect for a letter of introduction to the Priest of Hanamizuki Temple. I need them to trust me when I make a very strange request."

    KingFisher is panting hard and she is trying to keep her self control, a look in her eyes shows she's very much afraid of something.
    For someone who runs the shadows and is an expert in magic this must be a very serious thing indeed.

    The Meko doesn't want the other girls disturbed so ushers the shadowrunner into her office.
    "What exactly is it that you are up to? I don't normally write letters of introduction, even less do I do them at this hour."

    KingFisher caught her breath and looked at the Meko seriously.
    "Meko-Sama there's a Jiangshi in the city, it's been killing SINless and the forgotten mostly but it's what's been doing the killings in the news.
    According to an expert Magic, Fire and standard weapons can't hurt it. Only Peach wood can harm it.
    I need to get the Priest of that shrine to give me some Peach wood, without it we won't have much chance against the thing when we try to stop it killing someone else.
    A Priest is going to be very skeptical if a stranger turns up asking for their precious Peach wood. That's why I need the letters of introduction."

    The Meko shook her head and sighed. The Shadowrunner had been given modest duties at the Temple to allow her to run the shadows on the side.
    She was aware that not all of the runners jobs were entirely legal but she also knew that more then one abusive boyfriend had been given a dose of street justice. The runner wasn't always positive though, she could be very aggressive when her blood was up, and she had a terrible habit of telling the most awful things about HMMV creatures almost as though she didn't consider them to be living beings at all.

    Still the runner didn't make a habit of bothering her without good reason. She taking a tray, bamboo scroll and caligraphy brush she wrote the letter of introduction. Sealed the letter with the official seal of the Temple and presented it to the shadow runner.

    "Don't make a habit of this, good luck and may the Kami smile on your endeavor. "

    With that the runner was shooed out of the office and allowed to leave the Temple.

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