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    Special Rules: Deckers/Technoshamans


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    Special Rules: Deckers/Technoshamans

    Post by GameMaster on Tue May 01, 2018 4:33 am

    Hacking is a needlessly complicated, yet vitally important part of Shadowrun. I have made some changes to the system to help smooth out and simplify the rules. You can essentially ignore the matrix section of the book and use this if you plan on being a decker or technoshaman.

    Many skills used by deckers and technoshamans have been combined. See "Special Rules: Skills" for more information.

    A decker is useless without their gear, but the standard rules require a decker to purchase a lot of programs that just serve as extra bookkeeping. When choosing your hacking equipment, simply purchase a deck, assign the listed attribute array to attack, sleaze, data processing and firewall, and your matrix condition monitor is equal to (though you can swap any two attributes around as a free action when necessary). Ignore the program section, your deck can run as many programs as you want (because we just ignore programs). You also need a datajack to connect to your deck or, if your deck is internal, to connect your deck to a system that does not have a wireless connection.
    Technoshamans should assign their attributes as normal:
    Resonance = device rating
    Charisma = attack
    Intuition = sleaze
    Logic = data processing
    Willpower = firewall

    Deck attributes
    Attack - This rating determines your base damage when attacking something
    Sleaze - This rating is the threshold for other programs/deckers to find you when you are causing trouble in the matrix
    Data processing - This rating is added to any checks you make to access/process data. Higher rating means you complete these tasks faster.
    Firewall - This is your armor rating, used to resist matrix damage
    Device Rating - This determines your matrix condition monitor, which is equal to 8+(device rating/2)

    Matrix user modes
    When using the matrix, you can run in different modes for different efficiency. You can change your mode as a simple action, though you may lose some initiative if switching from VR to AR.
    - AR - You are looking at a screen, but still in the real world. Your initiative is whatever your normal body's initiative is. You can function both in the physical world and matrix world at once, though splitting your attention is distracting. You can't be harmed by nastier attacks in the matrix (though your hardware certainly can be)
    - VR (cold sim) - You are jacked in, completely oblivious to the world outside the matrix, but still have some filters on. Initiative is Data processing+Intuition + 3d6. Since you are wired in, some nasty attacks can possibly do stun damage to you. However, you get to resist damage with your willpower+firewall instead of just firewall.
    - VR (hot sim) - The filters are off and you are flying through the matrix as fast as your body can handle. Initiative is Data processing+Intuition + 4d6 and you get a +2 bonus to all your matrix checks. However, without the filters, some nasty attacks can cause brain damage, which deals physical damage to your character. Like cold sim, you get to use willpower+firewall to resist damage as well as the +2 bonus you get for being in hot sim. However, it can be addicting, which can cause its own issues.

    Whenever you are in VR mode and are forced out of the matrix without switching to AR mode first, you take damage. 6 stun for cold sim and 6 physical for hot sim. You are also disoriented for a few minutes, providing a -2 penalty to all rolls.

    Overwatch Score
    While you are in the matrix doing bad things, the system is actively trying to find you and lock you out. This is represented by a secret score called the overwatch score. The GM keeps track of it and once it reaches 40, you take 12 matrix damage, you are kicked out of the system (which gives you dump shock if you are in VR), and your physical location is reported.
    The score increases by 2d6 every 15 minutes you are in the system. Whenever make an attack, your score increases by the number of hits the system gets on its defense check. When doing anything else, the score increases by the number of hits the system exceeds your sleaze attribute with a search check.

    Actions in the Matrix
    These are all the actions you need to worry about in the matrix (all of them use a computer(logic) test):
    Attack (simple) - Deal damage equal to your attack rating to something in the matrix. You can choose biofeedback (physical damage against living hot sim targets, though you take damage if you fail the attack), blackout (stun damage against living hot sim targets, though you take damage if you fail the attack), or hammer (just matrix condition damage, but +2 to the damage value and no penalty for failure). You may split your dice pool from a single attack to attack multiple targets at once.
    Check overwatch score (simple) - The GM tells you what your current overwatch score is. Note that this can potentially increase your overwatch score if the system exceeds your sleaze attribute with a search check.
    Control device (varies) - you can manipulate a device that is connected to the matrix. You may need to perform an appropriate skill check while doing so in addition to your computer(logic) check.
    *Crack file (complex) - decrypts an encrypted file. This is an extended check vs the file's encryption rating.
    *Edit File (complex) - make some change to a file. Each hit can change a paragraph of text, a small detail in an image, or 2-3 seconds of video/audio.
    Full Defense (interrupt) - reduce your initiative by 10, but add your willpower to your defense (again if you already do).
    Hide (complex) - Hide from another icon (they have to search for you to attack you, if successful). Each hit beyond the first increases your sleaze rating for purposes of avoiding the icon you are hiding from.
    Jack out (simple) - Disconnect from the matrix. Normally this does not take a check, but some systems may lock you in, forcing you to do so
    *Matrix Search - Either search for a topic, find a specific icon or analyze a matrix object. Also used to find viruses.
    Reboot Device (complex) - causes a device to shut down and restart (takes one combat round)
    *Remove virus (complex) - removes a virus from a file, if you have detected it. this is an extended check vs the virus's rating
    Set Virus (complex) - protect a file with a virus. The rating is equal to the net hits from your check (or less if you choose). If it is opened without a proper password, the person accessing the file takes (rating)D6 Matrix damage and the file is deleted (or not, if you prefer).
    Send Message (simple) - Text your friends!
    Snoop (simple) - listen in on a private matrix conversation
    Spoof (complex) - convince a device that you are a valid user to gain access to it without smashing through
    *Trace location (complex) - Find the physical location of a device or other matrix user
    * Add your data processing attribute to these checks

    Technomancers don't need a deck to connect to the matrix (though they may need a datajack if the system has no wireless connection). They mostly can do whatever a decker can do but there are some differences.
    - Technomancers can only operate in AR or VR hot sim. They add their resonance to checks to resist hot sim addiction. They also get a +2 to matrix searches
    - They have no matrix condition monitor. Matrix damage is stun damage
    - They can compile (short time) or register (long time) sprites to do work for them. This does not increase their overwatch score to do (see below)
    - just like we ignore programs for deckers, we ignore complex forms for technomancers.

    Using tasking(resonance) a technomancer can choose to compile or register a sprite. Compiling is a complex action. Choose the level of your sprite and make a check. Each net hit against their defense gives you a favor from the sprite, but you take damage equal to twice the number of hits they made in their defense. The damage is physical if their level is higher than your resonance. You can only have 1 compiled sprite and it slowly accumulates an overwatch score until it is crushed by the system.
    A registered sprite takes their level in hours to create, but does not accumulate an overwatch score over time. The process is otherwise the same as compiling and you can have a number equal to your logic score.

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