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    Criminal Groups


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    Criminal Groups

    Post by GameMaster on Mon May 28, 2018 2:28 pm

    Criminal groups in the Desu Islands can be split into 3 categories:
    1) Gangs
    2) Yakuza clans
    3) Shadowrunner teams

    Gangs are small groups of criminals who are usually based out of a small area. They care only for themselves and can be violent or unpredictable. They are not very organized though so they rarely manage to expand beyond a district and tend to have no more than a hundred members, though most have far fewer. They only thrive in areas with little to no security because if push came to shove, the police would probably wipe them out.
    The Yakuza are far more organized than gangs. They have a set of codified rules to prevent needless clashing with the police and often own various businesses across multiple cities and provinces. Their numbers are often in the thousands and they see themselves as providing both valuable services to the community as well as a measure of security as their rules ensure that crime does not go unchecked. In fact, in some areas that lack proper official security, the Yakuza are essentially the law of the land. While some of these clans do have influence internationally, they are all based somewhere in the Desu Islands.
    Shadowrunner teams are unique among criminals as they are usually hired to commit their crimes. Most teams are small, about 3 to 8 members, though their work is dangerous so they may cycle through new members quickly or have reserve members for when one is unable to do their duties. They may or may not have a base of operations and tend to go wherever the work is. Particularly active and/or successful groups may work throughout a city, province or even internationally.

    Known Gangs in Mingmei

    Name: Black Cobra
    Active Area: Varies, but believed to be based around the Minami Ruins
    Members: 50+
    The members of this motorcycle gang are all riggers who scavenge parts for their bikes in the Minami Ruins. The parts they find there are not really motorcycle parts, so their motorcycles look like misshapen collections of parts that somehow work together rather than proper motorcycles.
    When they are not scavenging for parts, they have been known to raid shipping trucks for supplies. Though they will attack just about any kind of truck, their preference seems to be those containing food. While it was initially assumed that they did this to later sell the food on the black market, all indications seem to suggest that they simply save the food to feed themselves.
    Clashes with security forces or other gangs can get quite bloody as the bikers do attach various types of weaponry to their bikes. When they are victorious, they are known to gather their foes' vehicles for salvage and sometimes their bodies for food.

    Name: Bosozoku
    Active Area: Nakajuku
    Members: 80-100
    Consisting mostly of rich kids looking to rebel against society, the Bosozoku are a little hard to take seriously. After a lifetime of being told that they cannot dye their hair, have tattoos or piercings, or behave in a disrespectful manner, the Bosozoku do all of that as their way of rebelling. The typical member either has their hair bleached blonde or done up in a ridiculously large pompadour. They all get various piercings and tattoos, and many invest in extensive cyberware. Since they have the money to do so, their cyberware is often quite high end compared to other gangs; alpha grade in the very least.
    Then comes their vehicles. Their cars and motorcycles are modified to be the loudest, flashiest things you could possibly imagine. Cars have giant pipes and fins coming out of them everywhere and are painted with anime characters, flames, or whatever other mess the owner can think of. Bikes have similar themes as the cars, though they almost always have seat backs that stretch far above the rider's body, sometimes with banners attached as well. While many of these vehicles are adapted for rigging, it is not always the case as Bosozoku cyberware mods tend more towards the flashy than the practical.
    For the most part, Bosozoku are content to drive their vehicles around town, modified to make as much noise as possible. To be an extra nuisance, they tend to do this in the middle of the night, when people are sleeping. Though they do occasionally clash with other gangs, it is more for the thrill of being "bad boys' than any real criminal intention and their lack of significant weaponry means they almost always lose in these encounters unless they have significantly superior numbers. Since they are all rich already, they do not have any need to commit crimes. The police treat them as a minor nuisance and often a single patrol car will follow them long enough to get them out of any unwanted areas.

    Name: The Drift Boys
    Active Area: Shinginko
    Members: 30+
    A moderate-sized group of illegal drift racers, the Drift boys tear up the midnight streets of the Shinginko district. Though they are not necessarily the fastest cars on the street, they are tuned and modified for maneuverability and their members can outrace anyone in the tight urban roads of Mingmei. Most of the members are bankers, accountants, investors and other fairly wealthy people working in the financial sector. Content with just racing among themselves, they rarely clash with any other gangs except occasionally the Bosozoku who are known to drive through and hassle them from time to time with the intent of getting the drifters to crash. Since neither gang outfits their vehicles with weapons, these battles usually involve maneuvering each other off the roads without crashing into each other.

    Name: Jingai
    Active Area: Kita Barrens
    Members: 30+
    The Jingai (which means either "evildoers" or "outsiders") is a gang consisting of assorted metahumans. They do not have much in the way of weaponry, instead relying on their numbers and martial arts training to deal with the other gangs. A significant number of them are either adepts with powers that would aid them in hand to hand combat, or cybernetically enhanced to similar effect. These members all have the highest ranks within the gang, so it is seen as something of a coming of age event to receive one's first enhancements.
    They often clash with both the Zombies and the Ningen Seinensha, and only rarely ever leave their district. When they do, it is usually to make quick strikes on shops in Denki-cho before the Yakuza have a chance to drive them out. From time to time whichever Yakuza clan they happened to piss off will come through to attack the Jingai, but it is rarely worth their time and resources to do so.

    Name: Midnight Club
    Active Area: Kinza District
    Members: 20-30
    This street racing gang is famously known for a combination of dangerously high racing speed and aggressive driving styles, but also for its clandestine operations and strict code of ethics. Membership of the Midnight Club is not easy to obtain. The absolute minimum requirement for a hashiriya street racer to join was to own a car that was capable of going at least 160mph, and competitive drivers were expected to be able to achieve racing speeds of 200mph or more on Mingmei’s public highways. All vehicles in the Desu Islands are electronically limited by law to a top speed of 112 mph, and so members are also expected to have a high degree of mechanical know-how in order to boost their cars’ performance. Would-be Midnight Club racers are first accepted as apprentices for a year, during which time they are required to attend all of the club’s meetings without absence.
    The club is bound by a strict moral code which dictates that members must refrain from putting any other motorist in jeopardy, regardless of whether they are a fellow racer or an innocent bystander and, despite operating outside of the law, the Midnight Club is highly regarded as a gang which puts pedestrian safety far above their own.
    While other gangs of street racers compete in drifting or point-to-point racing events, the Midnight Club specializes in one thing only: top speed. Races usually started at speeds of at least 75 mph with the event officially starts by one of the cars sounding its horn. Winners are usually judged to be the first car that was fast enough to completely lose the rest, while one anonymous club member was reportedly once overheard saying: “Drifting and autocross is for the weak. We only do maximum velocity.” The incredibly high standard of the drivers’ abilities makes it difficult for authorities to catch them, and as police cars are limited to the same top speed as any other car in the country, police simply find it impossible to keep up with the Midnight Club racers.

    Name: Moonies
    Active Area: Majoukoya
    Members: 20+
    This gang of magicians claims to be comprised of shapeshifters. During the full moon, they change into animals and run wild for the night. In reality, they are no such thing; simply magic users who use their magic to change form. Still, despite the fact that they are fully human, they do rampage as animals, hunting down and feeding upon the (ex-)criminals in the Nishi Slums. Since no one cares about those people, there is no police retaliation. In fact, it is seen as something like a public service. The gang is known for their skill with ritual magic and are rumored to be able to permanently transform their foes into animals; typically small prey animals such as rabbits, mice, hamsters, and the like. Each member has several pets which they claim were once their enemies, though whether this is true or merely an intimidation tactic is unknown.

    Name: Ningen Seinensha
    Active Area: Kita Barrens
    Members: 20+
    The Ningen Seinensha ("Human Youth Society") are a gang of humanists who believe the barrens could be revitalized if only the filthy metahumans were driven out of the area. They are purists who refuse cyberware and believe magic is an abomination. They do have an impressive selection of illegal weaponry and will sometimes sell it to those who share their views. No one is sure where they get their weapons from, but they clearly have powerful connections that want to see them armed.
    Their arsenal and willingness to sell to those who share their racist views provide them with allies among shadowrunners and Yakuza alike. The police particularly hate this gang and several serious attempts have been made to round them up and keep their weapons off the streets. However, each time the gang seems to spring back to life just as strong as before.

    Name: Sukeban
    Active Area: Odori
    Members: 100+
    To look at them, you wouldn't think much of the Sukeban. It is an entirely female gang of girls who wear the typical sailor uniforms that school girls wear, though their skirts tend to be longer than average. They all carry yoyos, some of which are quite intricate and they are all quite proficient with them. Some dye their hair as an act of rebellion and most smoke, but other than that, you wouldn't really see them as anything other than a typical high school student. This would be a mistake.
    Primarily, they find men on their own, luring them away to some secluded place before mugging them. Their primary weapon is the yoyo they carry around. Some are weighted to act as a bludgeon, others have blades hidden in them which release when used as an attack. Though these yoyo attacks can be deadly, they are more meant to be intimidating so as to force their marks to surrender. Usually the mark doesn't fight back and simply allows the girls to take what they want. If they fight back, things can go very badly for them, though how badly depends on how much of a resistance the mark gives.
    If the mark strikes one of the girls, the girls will hold him down and burn him with the tips of lit cigarettes, usually in the face. If the mark manages to make one of the girls bleed, they switch from simple yoyos to monofilament whips, tearing the mark apart in quick order. Finally, if mark manages to seriously injure or kill one of the girls, they are lynched, typically by tying one end of a noose around their necks and the other to a motorcycle, then dragging them through the streets until their mangled body is so destroyed that it slips off the rope.
    The Sukeban in Mingmei have inspired many copycat gangs in other cities. Though they may use the same name, appearance and methods, they have no affiliation with one another and, if they were to actually meet, would probably attack one another.

    Name: Zombies
    Active Area: Kita Barrens
    Members: 10+
    The Zombies are a group of awakened ghouls who are all toxic shamans. They live in the ruins of an abandoned nuclear waste dump and are the smallest in number of the three gangs. For the most part they keep to themselves, only emerging from their home to feed. This is leads them into conflict with other gangs since those other gangs are their preferred prey. Interestingly enough, the Zombies never seem to feed on non-gang members, though it is unknown why.
    They are one of the smallest gangs in the city, but that does not make them any less feared. Being ghouls, any encounter with them could lead to infection, which is a fate worst than death to most Desians. Even if they don't manage to get close enough to infect you, they command powerful toxic spirits which make them a force to contend with. The police see them as too dangerous to deal with personally, and since they only seem to be a problem to other gangs, they are content with not risking their lives to wipe the ghouls out.

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    Re: Criminal Groups

    Post by GameMaster on Mon May 28, 2018 4:44 pm

    Desian Yakuza Clans

    Name: Aizukotetsu  
    Active Provinces: Daija, Sheng, Xiao
    Members: 7,000
    Known activities: Illegal weapon sales, gambling
    While it isn't the largest of the Yakuza clans, Aizukotetsu has a reputation for being the most violent. Their focus is primarily on various types of gambling establishments, but they are also the best armed non-military group in the country. Though they do not sell their weapons outside of their clan, they do sometimes trade weaponry to Shadowrunners for services rendered. Clashes with other Yakuza groups almost always involve gunfire which leads to a lot of collateral damage. This has earned them the label of "designated boryokudan" among law enforcement for being a "particularly harmful" Yakuza group.

    [td]Name: Inagawa  
    Active Provinces: Ayame, Daija, Hachi, Xiao
    Members: 15,000
    Known activities: Gambling, drug trafficking, blackmail, extortion, and prostitution.
    The third largest Yakuza clan is also the first one to expand its operations outside of the country. Originally formed by gamblers, they have shifted away from that somewhat and their prime business is drug trafficking, though they have also used their international presence to traffic people from country to country and serve as prostitutes. Their brothels are primarily serviced by foreign workers, serving as something of a foreign fetish club to the locals. They have also been known to sell people off to those willing to pay for a spouse or servant.
    The head, Kanon Inagawa, is a known ally of the Yamaguchi clan and the two clans often work together, particularly with international businesses.

    Name: Kaizoku
    Active Provinces: Oceans all over, but primarily Kairi
    Members: 5,000
    Known activities: Piracy
    Supposedly, the Kaizoku clan was originally formed from the remains of a naval force that was abandoned to die during the Great Magic War. To date, they are the only Yakuza clan that operates primarily on the water. Their headquarters is a submarine base hidden somewhere in the seas near Kairi. With a fleet of small warships and submarines, they are able to take any ship they encounter and since they do not have need to land ashore, they are able to get their hands on international weaponry that they would never be able to get their hands on while on the mainland. They operate on the code that so long as their targets do not put up with the fight, they will only take half of their cargo and leave them with their lives. Those who put up a fight have forfeited their lives. The group is not terribly bloodthirsty though and most encounters end peacefully. In fact, they have been known to aid ships in distress when they encounter them, actually providing supplies and even a ride to shore should they deem it needed.

    Name: Kozakura-ikka
    Active Provinces: just the Higashi projects in Mingmei
    Members: 150+
    Known activities: Drug dealing, hacking
    This small clan is noted for its unique official policy of not allowing themselves to be active outside of this district, and at the same time not allowing any other Yakuza clan to enter the district. Members are known to have extensive cybernetic modifications and some further enhance their abilities through drug use. Though they support themselves through drug dealing, their prime source of income is through hacking as a matrix gang for hire. With the matrix as their lifeblood, they ensure the matrix lines are extremely reliable in their area. Matrix enabled cameras, drones and traps enable them to monitor the area for any intruding gang activity and respond to it quickly. Though they are undermanned to handle a serious incursion, there is not much of value in the area to warrant anyone with the power to take over the area to invest the resources required to drive them out.  

    Name: Sumiyoshi
    Active Provinces: Daija, Hachi, Sheng, Xiao
    Members: 20,000
    Known activities: Gambling, racketeering, construction kickback
    The second largest Yakuza family, with an estimated 20,000 members divided into 277 clans. Sumiyoshi is a confederation of smaller yakuza groups. Its current head is Kai Sumiyoshi. Structurally, Sumiyoshi differs from its principal rival, the Yamaguchi, in that it functions like a federation. The chain of command is more relaxed, and its leadership is distributed among several other members. Though they do often clash with the Yamaguchi clan, they are rarely the aggressor, preferring to defend themselves rather than attack the much larger and powerful group. When they do go on the offensive, it is almost always through outsiders like shadowrunners, who are disposable without thinning out the Sumiyoshi ranks. Successful shadowrunners can often make a lot of money working as hit men for the clan, provided they do not bring any suspicion on their sponsors.

    Name: Yamaguchi
    Active Provinces: Daija, Hachi, Sheng, Xiao
    Members: 55,000
    Known activities: Arms trafficking, assassinations, bank fraud, bid rigging, blackmail, bookmaking, contract killing, extortion, drug trafficking, illegal gambling, matrix pornography, loansharking, mail fraud, match fixing, money laundering, mortgage fraud, murder, prostitution, racketeering, securities fraud, sōkaiya, wire fraud, and infiltration of legitimate businesses
    The Yamaguchi clan is by far the largest one, with roughly half of all yakuza counting themselves as members. They are among the world's wealthiest gangsters, bringing in billions a year from extortion, gambling, the sex industry, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, real estate and construction kickback schemes. They are also involved in stock market manipulation and matrix pornography. However, their primary interest is expanding their operations. This has allowed them to have operations in nearly every country in the world.
    They are extremely interested in magic and aggressively recruit awakened of all kinds. In fact, nearly a third of their members are magic users of some sort. Both the head of the clan, Toru Yamaguchi, and his son, Masahiro, are powerful adepts who use their influence to acquire every bit of magic they can.
    Since their clan is so large, the police keep tight tabs on them. Their members almost never use firearms to avoid conflict with the law, and those who do are often given up to the police without fuss. Thus most of their fights are fought using magic. Whenever they decide to attack a rival, every member in the attack is awakened and at least one of the member has several powerful bound spirits on standby. Battles are quick, with almost no damage to property or bystanders, but decisive with no survivors left standing. Specialized cleanup crews are then sent to remove any magical signatures left behind.

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    Re: Criminal Groups

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    Shadowrunner Teams

    Name: Baké Busters
    Specialty: Exorcisms, paranormal investigation, magical threats
    Members: 5
    Comprising entirely of mages of various disciplines, the Baké Busters specialize in dealing with the paranormal. Whether it is a ghost, spirit, demon, or paracritter, they are specially trained to deal with such threats in a clean and efficient manner. While they do occasionally get called in for accidents that corporations would rather not have made public, most of their work is pretty legal and above board, thus they are legally registered with the government.
    The five members are each initiated mages of varying grades. Ghost is the leader, a hermetic mage who specializes in manipulation magic. Kami is a shinto priest who specializes in healing magic. Wraith is from Dagmar and is a Wiccan who focuses on Illusion magic. Banshee, the only non-human of the group, is an elf from the Arawaki islands who practices song magic. Finally, Incubus is an aspected mage who specializes in spirit summoning and is a decker of moderate skill as well.

    Name: Big Bang Bros
    Specialty: Arson, Demolition, Intimidation
    Members: 3
    These three troll brothers are crazy bastards who love to blow things up. They are suspected of several fires and bombings throughout the country, including some car-bomb assassinations. Despite their flashiness, they are careful not to leave any evidence and none of their crimes seem to stick to them.
    They go by the street names Flash, Fuse and Boomer. Flash is the oldest and was severely injured on the job by an explosion. Much of his body has been replaced by cyberware and he is generally seen as the team's muscle. Fuse is the smartest of the three and is both a known decker and rigger in addition to his demolition expertise. Boomer is a fire mage who uses both magic and fire spirits to cause all kinds of mayhem.

    Name: Hacky Sax
    Specialty: Data Theft
    Members: 4
    Though they pose as matrix security consultants, the members of Hacky Sax are largely matrix anarchists who make a living off of whatever valuable data they can steal, often while they are working as consultants "testing" their clients systems.
    The team consists of 4 members, all of whom are human males. The leader is Cypher, an adept decker from the Shadow Coast whose magic abilities are mostly focused around deception so as to acquire passes and passwords without the need to actually hack through a security system. Iceman is a technoshaman from Ghan, though not much else is known about him. Heavygear is a security rigger. Though he does not usually travel with many drones of his own, he is skilled at taking over the drone systems of those around him, particularly those hardwired to a building. Gremlin is the last member and serves as the team's saboteur. Though he is certainly capable of uploading various viruses to a system to bring it down, he usually prefers physical means of sabotage over digital.

    Name: KameCo
    Specialty: Security, Body guarding, protection
    Members: 10
    Consisting primarily of Desian ex-military, KameCo is a legally operating team of shadowrunners. Their prime income comes from providing security details for whoever needs them, though they will get anything done if the money is good enough. Due to their military credentials, they are both trained and legally able to carry all sorts of firearms which allows them to take a lot of jobs that might be troublesome for other teams. Compared to the average team of shadowrunners, they are better trained, funded and equipped, so most teams tend to turn down jobs that might entail going up against them. The leader is ex-special ops, a human named Colonel Yoshi Kanto.

    Name: Metro Hunters
    Specialty: Bounty hunting, private investigation
    Members: 4
    This team of rejects work any jobs they can get through the Desian underground, but they prefer doing jobs for good people in need rather than corporations, criminals or other morally corrupt clients. They absolutely refuse wetwork of any kind as well as jobs they see as bringing harm to good people.
    The leader is Akira Burakka, a skilled detective and skirt chaser who is known for his firearm of choice: a Ruger Super Warhawk. His main assistant is Kazue Ribon. She was the sister of his best friend who was shot and killed some years ago. She has been under his protection ever since. The pair mostly work on their own, though they are known to associate with a troll named Tessho Tanaka, a.k.a. Hawkman. Hawkman served as a guerrilla fighter in Oceloxichtl and is skilled in heavy weapons with his favorites being the RPK HMG and the Aztechnology Striker. Finally, there is Yoko Nogami, a police detective who often works with the Metro Hunters, outsourcing work to them when she hits a dead end.

    Name: Militech
    Specialty: Armed response, Special ops
    Members: 15
    These are the guys that corporations call when they need things done. They are foreign military trained, heavily armed, and willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure a contract is fulfilled. Of all the shadowrunner teams on the street, only KameCo are their rivals and the two groups often end up going against each other after being hired through competing contracts. Though they are careful not to create too much chaos on their jobs, they don't shy away from it either when necessary. Rumors say that they have several officials on their payroll which helps keep their members from being prosecuted when trouble arises. The leader is an orc from Jabulani named Taj Jabari, a.k.a. Baron Samedi. Taj has travelled the world fighting in every war and combat zone there is. Most of his team have been with him through many of the same battles around the world, making their loyalty to one another stronger than family.

    Name: Murder Inc
    Specialty: Wetwork
    Members: 10
    This "team" is a loose association of sociopaths and serial killers who occasionally work together for assassination work. Each is skilled at what they do, but generally prefer to work alone unless a particular job demands skills that a single member cannot handle on their own. Most people tend to avoid them unless there is need of their services because, while they always get their job done, some members have been known to occasionally kill their customers. There is no formal leader among the group, but cuts from their jobs go to a group fun used to pay for safe houses, team gear and the occasional funeral.

    Name: Sentai Squad
    Specialty: Large Threat Management
    Members: 5
    This group is just plain weird by most standards. The members are all riggers who dress up in colorful uniforms and drive massive vehicles that they somehow link together into a giant freaking robot like something out of an old children's anime. The first time they leapt into action was to battle a 100 ft tall dragon that was attacking the city. Though their actions are illegal and often result in much collateral damage, they are actually quite popular among the city's citizens, spawning a popular toy line and animated series  to celebrate them and their exploits.
    The true identities of the members is unknown so they are referred to by the colors of their suits. Red is the leader and a swordsman, though like the other members of the team he does carry a sidearm. He is assumed to be awakened as his blade is magical in nature, but masks his aura so any further details on his magical abilities are unknown. Yellow carries a pair of daggers, though she seems to prefer her sidearm. Black is physically larger than the other members of the group and is suspected to be a troll, or possibly a large orc. He fights with a combat axe as well as a panther assault cannon. Pink is an archer who also appears to be a magician as she has been known to make use of illusions in battle. It is suspected that she has undergone training with some ninja clan as her fighting style incorporates many ninjitsu techniques as well as skillful gymnastics. Finally, Blue is seen by most to be the mechanic of the group. Obviously without seeing them outside of combat, there is no way to verify this, but he wields an electrified spear and is known to make use of various technological gizmos that the others don't. The animation always portrays him as a genius, but that is just conjecture.

    Name: Silent Shinobi
    Specialty: Infiltration, discreet wetwork
    Members: ?
    This mercenary team is comprised of literal ninjas. No one knows how many there are or the identities of any of their members. They never make face to face contact with their clients and little is seen of them during their jobs, which largely consist of discreet assassinations. They accept jobs through the matrix and accept payments through certified credsticks left at various drop spots.

    Name: Super Service
    Specialty: Bounty hunting, gang/crime deterrence, protection, body guarding
    Members: 10
    This is more of a group of vigilantes than shadowrunners. All of the members are awakened and display a range of incredible powers. They present themselves as comic book style super heroes and spend much of their time fighting crime. They do have various methods of being reached directly and are willing to take on jobs, particularly when it involves fighting criminals. They are led by the Masked Cape, who is known to have the abilities of flight, telekinesis, super strength and invisibility, among others.

    Name: Tantei Services
    Specialty: Private investigation, surveillance
    Members: 5
    Comprised primarily of ex-cops, Tantei Services does mostly legal detective work, spying on cheating spouses, finding runaways, doing background checks, etc. They do not always do so using legal methods though and are suspected of breaking into homes and businesses to acquire evidence. The members usually work independently, though they will provide help for one another, when needed.

    Name: Three
    Specialty: Theft, break in, security testing
    Members: 4
    This team of international thieves has the reputation for being able to get past any security system in the world. In fact, the way they are usually "hired" is by some bank, museum, corporation or whatever announcing they they have safely secured something of value in an impenetrable vault and boast of the quality of their security. The team then takes said item as "payment" for their services. They enjoy the thrill of outsmarting their targets and often make public announcements of their next target a few days before they actually strike. These announcements always make international news and even attract live crews hoping to catch the group in action and perhaps their apprehension at the hands of the police.
    They consist of 4 members. The leader is Aaron Foxman. He is a master of disguise who speaks at least 9 different languages and has an encyclopedic knowledge of a wide variety of topics. Though he is an expert marksman, he appears to abhor killing and will only do so if he feels mortally threatened. Next in the group is Kunie Tamayama, a loyal gunman whose skills border on superhuman. He uses a wide array of firearms including machine guns, sniper rifles and even anti-tank guns, though his weapon of choice is a revolver which he is famously known for being able to perform a variety of non-lethal trick shots with. Like Aaron, he avoids killing people, but will if the situation demands it. The third member is Goro Shiozawa, a man whose swordsmanship is without compare. He wields a legendary magical sword that has no equal and said to be capable of cutting through any material in the world, an ability he often uses on the job. Like his partners, he never kills without strong reason and when forced into combat, he prefers to disarm his foes, cutting their weapons to pieces before fleeing. Eiko Kuroki, is the last member of the group. She is known to be extremely beautiful and an expert at martial arts in addition to being a skilled decker. Like Aaron, she is also a master of disguise and often uses her beauty to ingratiate herself with targets and soften up their security before the rest of the team moves in.

    Name: RydeSafe
    Specialty: Transport, courier work, wheelman
    Members: 4
    Marketing themselves as both a taxi and courier service for high risk clients, the members of Uberwheels are known for their skills operating vehicles of all kinds. Secretly, they use these skills to transport other shadowrunners both to and from various jobs, should they need it. Though they primarily use cars or vans for this work, they have been known to use motorcycles, choppers, disguised delivery trucks, boats and even jets when the job calls for it. Since they focus on transport, they are superior at their jobs with a guarantee to extract any team that can get to their predefined extraction point.
    The members are all Desian, though surprisingly not all of them are riggers. Nachi and Yasuo Yamada are brothers, both of whom are riggers that lost their legs in a car accident when they were younger. They have since gotten cybernetic replacements and tend to prefer operating cars or vans. Kanichi Furukawa is the team's pilot and is a known adept. The youngest among them is Sanjiro Tanaka. Though he does most of the minor courier work by motorcycle, he is also known to have a love for watercraft of all kinds.

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    Re: Criminal Groups

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