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    Knowledge Skills


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    Knowledge Skills

    Post by GameMaster on Mon May 28, 2018 12:14 am

    Knowledge skills are one of the more fun aspects of Shadowrun as they can give you all sorts of interesting information during a run. But you generally have to just come up with them on your own and it can be hard to think of some that might be useful or relevant to the world. Below is an extensive list of knowledge skills your characters can learn. Note that you are perfectly free (and encouraged) to make up your own, these are just some to help you out if you are stuck.

    Academic knowledge is linked to Logic. This type of knowledge includes university subjects such as history, science, design, technology, magical theory, and the
    people and organizations with fingers in those pies. The humanities (cultures, art, philosophy, and so on) are also included in this category.

    AnthropologySocio-cultural, linguistic, biological
    Archaeologyby country
    ArchitectureOffice, commercial, residential, by country, by culture
    Artificial Intelligencedevelopers, theory, applications, Turing test defeators
    AstronomyStars, planets, black hole theory, comets
    Biologycellular/molecular, evolutionary, forensic, genetic, physiology, awakened
    Biotechnologycellular/molecular, process, food, medical, environmental, artificial enhancement
    Black IC Designby company
    BotanyAnatomy, biochemistry, biophysics, cytology, ecology, genetics, morphology, paleobotany, taxonomy, awakened
    Chemistrybiochemistry, nuclear, organic, inorganic, polymer, analytical, physical, theoretical, quantum, environmental, thermochemistry, pharmeceutical
    Civil EngineeringCommercial Construction, Excavation, Home Construction, Industrial Construction, Tunneling
    EngineeringAerospace, mechanical, automotive, electrical, biomedical, cybernetic, agricultural
    Historyby country, by century
    Magic BackgroundSpells, rituals, conjuring, spirits, foci, artifacts, ley lines
    MedicineAnesthesiology, pathology, cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, radiology, neurology, surgery, reconstructive surgery, psychiatry, sports medicine, urology, dentistry
    MetallurgyExtraction methods, casting, forging, sintering
    PhilosophyLogic, ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics
    Physicsastrophysics, atomic, molecular, biophysics, chemical, medical, condensed matter, cosmology, geophysics, gravitational, material science, microelectronics, nuclear, optics, radiophysics, electromagnetic field and microwave, particle, and plasma.
    TheologyShinto, Buddhist, Olympian, Jehovian, Aesir
    ZoologyParazoology, marine biology, ecology, wildlife biology, by particular animal
    Strange as it might sound, you might have some hobbies outside of slinging mana and bullets. Interests are the kind of Knowledge skill that describes what you know because of what you do for fun. There are no guidelines (and no limit) to the sort of interest skills you can have. Interest Knowledge skills are linked to Intuition.

    MangaYaoi, Hentai, Sports, Slice of Life, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Post-apocalyptic, Hero
    AlcoholBeer, cocktails, wine, spirits
    ArtBy country, by century, sculpture, painting, pottery
    AstrologyWestern, Eastern
    Bushido Philosophyby philosopher
    Chat RoomsBy topic
    Combat Bikingbike mods, weapons, famous bikers
    Conspiracy TheoriesCorporate, government, alien, secret society
    CookingBy country
    Current EventsBy country
    CyberdecksBy company
    DowsingBobber, Compass, L-Rod, Pendulum, Y-Rod
    Dragonsspecific dragon
    DrugsBTLs, Cram, Deepweed, Novacoke, Spike, Tempo, etc
    Dwarven BeersAles, lagers, stouts, porters, malts
    Dwarven Societyby country
    Elven Societyby country
    Elven WinesSparkling, white, rosé, red, dessert
    Esoteric TriviaNone
    FashionBy country
    Flatvid Moviesaction, adventure, comedy, crime, drama, historical, horror, musical, science fiction, war, western
    Fringe Cultsby country
    GamblingMah-jong, pachinko, poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, matrix
    Hardcore Punk BandsWildcats, the 69's, Up Yours and the Mohawks, Girl Metal
    Desian Culture (or any other country)by social group
    Legendary Martial ArtistsKen Lee, Mashiro Chan, Ryu Machida
    LiteratureNarrative nonfiction, biography, speech, drama, poetry, fantasy, humor, fable, fairy tales, science fiction, short story, mystery, horror, historical fiction, folklore
    Local Landmarksby district
    Local Politicsby district
    Local Rumorsby district
    Mechanical Trapsjury-rigged, pit traps, snares, tripwires, explosive, poisoned
    MeditationTranscendental meditation, heart rhythm meditation, Kundalini, guided visualization, Qi Gong, Zazen, mindfulness
    Military Aircraftby company or country
    MusicClasical, jazz, rock, punk, folk, hip hop, pop, soca, avant-garde, electronic, R&B, rock, easy listening, country, blues, enka, anison, kayokyoku, onkyokei
    Named Spiritsby spirit type
    Ork Societyby country
    TheaterDrama, noh, kabuki, opera, kyogen, bunraku, sho-gekijo, musical
    Pirate Trid BroadcastersPirate Bay, 1337 shows, matrix hax
    Roleplaying GamesDungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, BESM, Whitewolf, Paranoia
    Sim StarsBy country
    SportsBasketball, Combat Biking, Court Ball, Football, MMA, Soccer, Stickball, Urban Brawl
    TrackingAnimal, metahuman, by environment
    Troll Societyby country
    Urban BrawlStatistics, famous athletes, match locations
    VicesDrugs, alcohol, porn, sex, smoking, gambling
    Virtual Meeting SpotsPopular, secluded, secure, adult
    WeightliftingBodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness training, olympic weightlifting
    Wilderness SurvivalFire building, hunting, building shelter, making tools, food identification
    WoodworkingWoodcarving, woodturning, pyrography, scroll sawing, wood mosaics, construction
    Professional Knowledge skills deal with subjects related to normal trades, professions, and occupations, things like journalism, engineering, business, and so
    on. You might find them helpful when doing legwork for a run, especially those in the corporate world. All Professional Knowledge skills are linked to Logic.

    AccountingEmbezzling, fraud-control, tax-evasion, cost-cutting, money laundering
    AppraisingArt, gem, magic, artifact, weapon, armor, electronics, home
    Automated Factory FamiliarityVehicle, weapon, drone, electronics, canned food
    BartendingPerforming, mixology, drink presentation
    BusinessFinance, Distribution, Manufacturing, Megacorp, Digital Accountancy, Small Business
    BTL ProductionAdult, scifi, slice of life, avant garde, horror, heroic
    Body Armor FabricationNone
    Network Familiarityby area
    Communications Satellite Familiarityby specific satellite
    Computer BackgroundOffice applications, matrix applications, video editing software, image editing software
    Corporate FinancesBy corporation
    Corporate HostsBy corporation
    Corporate PoliticsBy corporation
    Corporate Program DesignersBy corporation
    Corporate RumorsBy corporation
    Cybertechnologyby company
    ForensicsComputer, toxicology, odontology, blood spatter, environmental, genetic, ballistics
    Funeral ServicesEmbalming, grave-digging, cremation, service planning
    JournalismBlogging, investigative, social media, broadcast, photo, sports, public relations
    LawPublic interest, government, trial, immigration, personal injury, estate planning, civil rights, bankruptcy, divorce, corporate, malpractice
    Library ScienceResearch, archiving, preservation, restoration
    MetalworkingMachine parts, swordmaking, jewelry, industrial, welding, milling
    MilitaryArmy, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Special Forces
    Professional BodyguardingClients, security procedures, threat assessment
    TalismongeringReagent gathering, foci creation, spell scribing
    Street Knowledge is linked to Intuition. This type of Knowledge skill is about knowing the movers and shakers in an urban area, along with how things get done on the street. You know about the people who live in different neighborhoods, who to ask to get what, and where things are. The information that these skills cover tends to change rapidly, but your instincts help you keep up.

    Mingmei street gangsNingen Seinensha, Jingai, Zombies, Sukeban, Black Cobra, Bosozoku
    Yakuza ClansKozakura-ikka, Yamaguchi, Sumiyoshi, Inagawa, Aizukotetsu, Kaizoku  
    Desian Politics (or any other country)Imperial, By province, by lobby group, by party
    Security CompaniesCowboy Systems, Linnorm Power, Denso Electronics, Daiaku Motors, SandCorp International
    Sprawl LifeSoup Kitchens, Scavenging, Street Docs, Squats
    Area Knowledge (by city)by district
    Arms DealersBy country
    BarsSeedy, popular, sports, strip, shadowrunner, gay, decker, hidden
    Black Market PipelinesWeapons, vehicles, drones, drugs, pirated simsense shows, (meta)human trafficking
    BTL DealersAdult, scifi, slice of life, avant garde, horror, heroic
    Chop ShopsBy city
    Data Brokeragefinancial, R&D, political, blackmail
    Drug Dealersby district
    FencesJewel, art, weapon, vehicle, drone, corporate prototype, electronic, magical, ancient artifact
    FixersLegal, weapon, ID, hit men, job, crime scene cleanup
    Gang Turfby district
    JunkyardsAutomotive, motorcycle, bicycle, plane, boat, scrap
    Police Tacticsby company
    Magical Groupsby group
    Magical Threatstoxic shamans, insect shamans, blood magic, toxic spirits, undead, otherworldly creatures
    Matrix GangsKozakura-ikka, Unwired, Online Anarchists, Hackers Anonymous, IC Breakers
    Matrix SecurityBy company
    Mercenary Groupsby country
    Mr Johnsonslow level, mid level, high level, corporate, gang related, Yakuza related
    ProstitutionStreet workers, pink salons, soaplands, brothels, massage parlors, call girls, image clubs, sumata
    Safehouse LocationsBy district
    ShadowrunnersDeckers, mages, samurais, faces, riggers, adepts, shamans, hangouts
    SmugglingGroups, routes, havens
    Weapon AcquisitionLegal outlets, license procedure, underground dealers

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